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Single It’s no Problem

Single It’s no Problem
Still single ... ... it's so lovely ... .... Perhaps the phrase is considered important by the women who are still single. Single status is fun really. Indeed, not many people are discussing the exciting dynamic of life in women's singles. This is understandable because our culture demands push women to get married at the age of maturity. People easily just commented, "How is 27 years old still single? Want to become an old maid? Or perhaps ... .. "This makes some women uneasy already aged 25 years and over but does not have especially unmarried couples. What hell yeah we can not become women who are cheerful, happy, and excited with the single status?
Interpret single status in the context of a positive and happy in a way changed the way we become more positive in the single status. The approach of cognitive psychology to help us interpret the conditions and ourselves from a positive standpoint. When our mind is positive, the emotions we had more fun so we are enjoying our lives. Here is an easy way to interpret the single women's lives positively. Let us refer to ...

   1.  Single means independence. Wow cool it if we have freedom in our lives. Today is going to eat Noodle Lo aja ya ok, then tomorrow it fun to eat sushi and evening meal ajah hodgepodge still fun-fun aja. Then we can arrange to live in accordance with our wishes. Imagine when the decisions we take really 100% on us. For those who like to read will have some time to find your favorite books and discover the exciting discussion community. It's very challenging ... ...
   2.  Single means we have time for ourselves. Going to the salon, go ahead and then after going to the spa ... yup, I'll be ready .... It's great when we go or do the activity completely to our own.
   3.  Single means we no longer need to bother with a moody partner behavior or a little cranky. Duh imagine couples face prosecution. Damaged deh our plans because they have to take the time to seduce, soothe, or cheer the couple. Thank ngambeknya grateful if only briefly, but if prolonged would spend our time. Not to mention we are faced with a cranky face pair.
   4. Single means that we can love ourselves wholeheartedly. When we have time for yourself then we will think, feel, and do what we like. This means that we increase the sense of self-love. We are invited to identify what is most comfortable and enjoyable for yourself. When we will have a partner, we become more able to appreciate themselves and others equally important. We can be more empathetic to what actions will make others upset.
   5.  Single means that we can find an appropriate community of interest or our thinking. Seru could have a discussion with my friend sehobi segagasan or on the internet, then make a pact meet and chat. This could be the forerunner to find a fun friend. Occasionally ground coffee will help expand our network of friends.
   6.  Single means we have lots of friends. Although the singles should not be prisoners dong. Do not just at home at any time only. Mingle and multiply friends. Now, if we have a partner, it could be our chance to explore the friendship becomes limited. That makes sense because it could have pouted and spouse do not agree that we mostly hang out in cafes, in restaurants, while chatting. Not necessarily your friends or our community favored by the couple. Thus, the single is our time to explore our friendship.
   7.  Single means that we can tempt anyone who wants to tease us. Our right because we are dong it again do not have a boyfriend. Do this consciously and know the consequences later. This means that if we begin to tempt or attract attention and then when the responses do not necessarily dicuekin just like that, later stricken you know ... .. Consequently we have to accept when the people we teased ourselves approaching. Use strategies that pretty girl say yes let no man toying flirtatious handyman. His name is his intention tease, usually the guy who was also his intention to the extent we can be friends.
   8.  Single means we can explore our ketubuhan maximum. How do we keep our body, to appreciate our bodies, and look at the interesting parts of our body. Caring for yourself, exercise (what's up), up by reading books about sexuality will help the understanding of the needs of ourselves and the couple later.
   9.  Single means a chance for us to pay attention to social problems that we are interested. Fun fight it if we take this nation forward through social activities that we like. For those concerned with poverty can go down to help people less fortunate. Or for those who have concern for the children can focus on helping a volunteer teacher when holidays for children of the marginalized.
  10. Single means we can focus on with our careers. Want to be assigned to overseas, just okay. Want to be sent to the area, hayoo .... Want to be promoted to a position in a different city, yuk yak Development Blog .... There's no problem. We can focus in our lives to a career. Our opportunities to develop career wholeheartedly.
  11. Single means we are happy. We need to respect ourselves, it is important. If we are happy and accept yourself then we can be a happy single woman, have lots of friends, OK in a career, and have time for yourself.

Well, enjoy your single life in a positive perspective.


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