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Flower Care Tips

Flower Care Tips

Flower Care Tips
* To plant does not dry while you're not home for several days, put the tip of a pipe into the plant and the other end into the water. Slowly and regularly going to drain the water pipes.

* Can also by putting towels in the bathroom that has been moistened. Then place the plant on top of towel earlier. Plants will not dry while you're not there.

* We recommend that you avoid buying a very bud roses because they likely will not expand. Instead, buy a rose that is not too bud.

* Spray dried flowers with hair spray for quick no wilting flower.

* To "relax" the dried roses, bring flowers into a hot kettle and comb petals.

* To remove dust from the flowers made of silk, put a little salt into a paper bag, place the flower head into the bag and shake. Remove flowers from the bag. Interest certainly is not dusty anymore.

* To refresh the withered roses, wrapped tightly in newspaper and put it in a bucket of water limited to the neck and leave it overnight.

* When the roses wither, cut into 1cm along the roots, wrap with paper, insert the roots into the boiling water for about 10 seconds, then immediately immerse in cold water.

* Euphorbia sap to make sore. Do not forget to wash their hands every time after holding it.

* Do not place flowers in a place exposed to direct sunlight or on top of a television set. Place the flowers in a cool room and away from sunlight.

* Avoid putting flowers on the fruit because fruits emit gases that can make a quick flower wilt.

* Dispose of flowers that have died due to emit gases that can impact on other flowers.

* Powder Lili flowers must be removed so developed because pollen can destroy the fabric (linen) and a polished wood surface.

* When the flower heads become too heavy and deep roots, put the stick into the roots to sustain interest.

* Wet your flower vase in the evening with bleach to eliminate bacteria. Dirty shorten the vase life of flowers.

* To help move the plant from a small flower pot into larger pots, enter an existing plant in the little flower pot into a larger flower pot, then press down hard until the plants along the bottom of the pot off and was in the pot greater.

* When cleaning dust plant / leaf with wet foam softener containing clothing, plants not only become more shine for eight weeks, but it also creates a fragrant odor.


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